Henna by Arora offers a wide range of Henna and Body Art services.  As a client, you will receive high-quality designs with the best possible body art products.  Our clients can choose from our selection of pre-existing designs, as well the option to customize or bring in your own design. 


Natural Henna - Individual Session

Individual session designs start as low as $15, depending on the location, size, and intricacy of the design.  These sessions are available in our studio only. Those wishing to have the artist travel to them will have a minimum fee of $30 to include travel costs.

Natural Henna - Group Session

Group sessions are perfect for small intimate parties of 3-9 people.  Group sessions are $80/hr and design details will very depending on the number of guests and the amount of time booked.  

*Group Sessions with guests over the age of 21 will also include one complimentary bottle of wine.  The host/hostess may choose from a crisp white, dry red, or sweet moscato.

Natural Henna - Party

Henna parties are perfect for teen birthdays or sangeets/bachelorette parties.

Parties are $80/hr with a minimum of two hours.  Please be aware that the intricacy of designs will change depending on the number of guests requiring henna in the time allotted by the booking host.  

*Parties with guests over the age of 21 will also include one complimentary bottle of wine. 

Prenatal Henna

Prenatal Henna includes individual sessions, Mother's Blessings/Blessing Ways, and Baby Showers.  Prices for prenatal henna varies depending on the type of booking, number of guests (if you have any), and the size and detail of the designs chosen.  For specific prices, please contact Henna by Arora with your prenatal henna details.

Bridal Henna

Eyebrow Henna

Eyebrow henna is a great solution to creating thicker and fuller looking brows, without the daily use of powders or gels.  Application for henna brows is $10 and includes a take home cone for several additional application touch-ups.

Festival or Events

Henna Glam / "White" Henna

In addition to natural henna, Henna by Arora offers an alternate body art product called "Henna Glam."  Henna Glam is a combination of body adhesive and colored body grade paint which is great for those looking for a henna design style, but without the commitment of a stain.  Henna glam is waterproof and great for kids.  It dries almost immediately and requires little to no aftercare.

Henna Glam is available in White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, and Pink.  These colors are also UV/Black-light sensitive, which is great for black-light parties or a night out at the club!

Henna Glam can also be enhanced with mica-powder or glitter for a sparkling temporary glitter tattoo.  Prices for Henna Glam services are the same as all regular henna services.

Natural Jagua / Hengua

Jagua is a natural blue stain derived from the Jagua plant (genipa americana) which is native to South America.  Jagua can be applied on it's own to create a rich dark blue stain, or mixed with natural henna to create Hengua, which results in a dark brown-black stain.  These are both excellent alternatives to those wishing for a darker stain with a safe and natural product.  All Jagua/Hengua services are priced the same as all regular henna services.  Be aware that booking for Jagua/Hengua services must be done a few days in advance, so that your artist can make a fresh paste.

*Though Jagua is a natural and safe product, some people may have skin sensitives.  Since jagua is a fruit plant, if you are allergic to any fruits or have eczema you may have a sensitivity to Jagua and should avoid the application of this product.  In the unlikelihood that a sensitivity occurs, treat the affected area like an other allergy with hydrocortisone cream.