My name is Tamara Arora and I have a Bachelors of Arts from The Ohio State University. My first experience with henna was in 2011, when I was adorned by a skilled artist for my wedding.  I found the experience calming, intimate, and therapeutic.  From that moment on I was in love with the art.  


After years of pursuing another career, I found my way back to henna.  I have since dedicated myself to learning about the history, culture, and science of the natural henna arts and am a Internationally Certified Natural Henna Artist.  I am constantly learning new techniques and developing my skills to bring my clients the best possible work.  


All of my henna is hand-made to ensure a safe, natural, and high-quality design for any occasion.  Henna is more than just art, it is a connection between people, the artist and their client, and an expression of one's being.